LinkedIn anyone?

Hi all,

Does anyone here use LinkedIn? I thought maybe we could share a couple of snippets to use on the platform.

In case you missed it, we recently published a video on how to use Text Blaze in LinkedIn, including an example using the new LinkedIn command pack.

Here it is:

And here are a couple of Text Blaze snippets I use a lot. For each of these, you can replace the {cursor} command with {linkedin-firstname} if you have the free LinkedIn command pack.

Note for when I send a connection request

Hi {cursor},

Just came across your post about {formtext: name=subject}. Seems we're both very much into {formparagraph: name=common interests}.

It would be great to connect!

Note for when I accept a connection request

Hi {cursor},

Thank you so much for connecting. Seems we're both very much into {formparagraph: name=common interests}.

I look forward to some great conversations!

P.S. If you need the text/paragraph fields to be wider, you can use the cols setting as follows:

{formtext: cols=50}

{formparagraph: cols=50}

The number represents the width in "columns" i.e. monospace font characters. Try changing the number in the preview and see what happens.

Looking forward to exchanging LinkedIn templates! :slight_smile:

This is a little snippet I shared in another thread about the LinkedIn command pack, where @Shinta_Nishino asked about extracting the last name of the recipient. Thought I'd reshare it here for posterity:

{name="Shinta Nishino"}{note: preview=no} replace this first bit with the {linkedin-name} command{endnote}
{=split(name, " ")[1]}
{=split(name, " ")[2]}


Great stuff Cedric, what's the best way to extract only the company name automatically into the snippet? i.e extract the latest "experience" featured on the profile ?

Hi @Tzvika_Avnery - welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This is probably something best handled with the {site} command, using the selector tool to extract the specific information.

I'm actually in the process of recording a video of how it works, but it'll be a few days before it's released.

That said, I covered the selector tool briefly in a recent live masterclass. The link below should take you directly to the section where I talk about it:

Let me know whether this sounds like a right solution for your desired workflow.

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@Tzvika_Avnery try adding this to your snippet: {site: text; selector=.relative :nth-child(1) > .link-without-hover-visited}

Let me know if it works

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@Dan_Barak1 Yes thanks that's what i did (figured out the same solution) it works like charm thank you for your reply!

thank you! awesome tool you have here. very very productive and cool.