Make the {urlload} command wait


Posting this to see if somebody can help me with something regarding the {urlload} command.

I'm using it to get something from this page, but it extracts "Loading Insurance", instead of the actual data.

The website shows that "Loading Insurance" part for a split second, but TextBlaze still gets it. Is there a way to make the {urlload} wait a couple of seconds before extracting whats on the website?

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Hey Charlie, that's an interesting question! Unfortunately there's no way to make the {urlload} wait for the website to load and then return the response.

Can you give some more details about the website and what you're looking to extract. Maybe we can find some other way to achieve the task.


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Sure! Im using it just to extract some information from a certain website. Everything shows correctly, and lets me extract it with a regular expression


Even the things hidden in these expandable tabs, all except for the "insurance" tab, which apparently load information from somewhere else, which is why it extracts it as "Loading Insurance".

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Got it! Figured it out. Turns out it indeed loading a different website inside. And it's simple to use another {urlload} command to extract from that one too, since it's the same pattern for the url, adding "/insurance" to it lol

Thank you!


I see. Can you tell what is the website, I can do a little bit of digging from my end to find a solution?

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Ah nice! I was hoping to do the same, try to find the resource it was loading and then load that in urlload directly. Great you found it yourself. Cheers!

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