Microsoft Excel Retrieve and/or Send information

Hey there.

I was used to send or retrieve information from google spreadsheet with the commands Urlload or Urlsend.

Is there any possible to do this with Microsoft Excel online version or with Microsoft Forms?

Thank you for any insight.


Hi @Diego_Alejandro

Text Blaze should work on any website in Chrome. However, you might need a different workflow when using Excel/Forms online. Google sheets allows you to publish your spreadsheets, which is what makes it possible for Text Blaze to extract the information.

Could you give me a practical example of how you're trying to accomplish your workflow? I could try out a few things and maybe come up with a solution.

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Sure Cedric, For example, I used to use this snippet to send information to a google spreadsheet.

{case=extractregex({site:text}, "Case

{owner=extractregex({site:text}, "Case Owner

(\w* \w*)

{d={time: MM/DD/YYYY}}

{urlsend:{=case}&entry.1358892363={=owner}&entry.1621941007={=t}&entry.1994913273={=d}; trim=yes}

I want to do something similar but using Online Microsoft tools since where I am working now we don´t have google licenses.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Hi @Diego_Alejandro

If it's convenient for you, I'd like to jump on a call so we can try a few options together.

Please drop me a line on and include:

  • the link to this thread for reference
  • your time zone
  • some time/day slots that would work for you

Looking forward to beating this challenge into submission :partying_face:


@Diego_Alejandro Hey there! Curious what the resolve ended up being. Also, are you using Salesforce? Your Regex looks familiar.