Não consigo colocar imagem

Como inserir imagem para enviar? O botão de imagem não funciona.

Hi @Evelin_Cristina_Sant

I'm afraid I don't speak Portuguese, but maybe Google Translate can help you understand my reply.

What happens when you try to insert the image?

Consigo inserir a imagem mas ao digitar o atalho no WhatsApp a imagem não vai.

Hello @Evelin_Cristina_Sant ,
This is a limitation of Whatsapp web.

When you use a Text Blaze snippet which contains images, it's as if you were copying the text and image into your computer's clipboard and pasting it somewhere.

Whatsapp web will allow you to paste an image on its own, or text on its own, but not a combination of both.

Try copying the image + text combination into your computer's clipboard and pasting it into Whatsapp web. You'll see that only the text will be pasted.