Need Help Bulding Snippet that pulls data from Clio Manage

Using a Clio Manage text exapnding program (faster law) that is able to pull specific field file data from the api

Love the feature but hate the program and am looking to move to TextBlaze

Snippet first looks up the different values for available client/matters into a selectable menu, then i select the client/matter and it pulls the field data (e.g. file number) assocaited with that client/matter.

Is someone that can assist in building snippet(s) taking advantage of clio manage (and possibly other program apis) - either through the kindness of your heart or by charging a reasonable fee?

Hi @Brandon_Siegal ,
Welcome to Text Blaze community.

Can you please check if you can export your snippets from the external program.
If yes, you can export them to CSV or get them converted to it. And then use Text Blaze import tool to import all your snippets.

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I can export to a "json" file. I do not know how to convert into a .csv but I hightly doubt a direct import would work as the api info is not in the existing snippet.

My other program is purpose built just to interact with the clio manage service - so you log into your account for multiple interfaces not just snippets. - so you the api key and other stuff is stored seperate.

My understanding is that you should be able to pull the data from the api - I got the key and I think I know whcih fields are mapped but actually building a snippet is so far beyond my ability

Thank you

Can you please email us at . We can schedule a call and figure this out.