Need help with the lookup formula (subtraction)

I want to substract # Current Stock with Stock Update (lookup)

How can I do this?

Thank you in advance

Hi @bukit,

Lookups are lists of values, because you can have multiple rows linked. So probably what you want to do here is to have a list where each element is `Current Stock` - `Stock Update`.

The final formula could look like this:

[`Current Stock` - x for x in `Stock Update`]

This is list comprehension which create a list from Stock Update and for each element of Stock Update (which is defined as x) it will create expression `Current Stock` - x.

The resulting value is going to be list. If you always have only one value you could update the formula:

[`Current Stock` - x for x in `Stock Update`][1]

The resulting value in this case is going to be single value not list.

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Let me try.. thanks :pray:

It works :smiley:, made my day.. thanks again :handshake: