New command representation

Unfortunately, I can't get along with the new representation of the commands. Can I somehow switch this back to the old representation?

I have a form menu with many options, but they have to be sorted alphabetically. I can only insert a new option at the end and not at the place where it should be sorted alphabetically.

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Hi @kamuro ,
You can disable the setting from Text Blaze Dashboard.
Thanks for the information. We will try to look at the issue and get back to you.
In the meantime, you can disable the new command chips from the above url


To add to this. You can double click the commands in the new represenation to edit them as text.

So you can get all the benefits of the modern editor, but edit things as text when it's convenient for you.


Fantastic! Thank you very much!

Just like @scott said, double-clicking the command toggles between modern and legacy versions of the snippet code. I find this TREMENDOUSLY helpful! Curious @kamuro, where (what platform, service, etc.) are you using this particular snippet?

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