Not sure which type of account needed to share with team


I am brand new to Text Blaze but love it so far and see great value is sharing with my small team. I have 3 people on my team now - likely adding a couple more soon. Is it best for me to get the business plan to be able to share fully? Will that give my team access without them having to pay also? What user limits exist in the business plan? Thank you for helping or directing me to the information.

Kate McDee

Hi Kate,
Welcome to Text Blaze and the community.
If you just need to share folders with a team of 3-5, you can all be on the free version and you can share the folder with them.
The business plan is useful in a few ways:

  1. It makes all pro capabilities available, including:
  • more snippets (1,000 vs 20 on the free plan)
  • Longer snippets (25k characters vs. 2.5k)
  • Images in snippets
  • Form fields in snippets and other dynamic capabilities
  • More sharing (but for a team of 3, the free version is enough)
  1. Centralized multi-user billing (they don't need to pay by themselves)
  2. Change history (see who changed the snippet and what was the change) and change notifications
  3. Managing your team's snippets centrally.
  4. Team-level usage statistics

If you have any more questions. Feel free to reach out -