Number of days since

Hey there, my name is Alain and this is my first intervention here. I know my question is going to sound weird but it is my reality. And my first language is French so... I'm 49 years old and I'm wheelchair-bound since I was five. Sometimes it happen that I cannot control what's coming out from my butt. My caregivers are very understanding oriented people. But I feel sad for them when it happened. So to dedramatize, I ask my friend to make a digital display that shows the number of days since I poop on my wheelchair. I think it's a positive way to see things. Now this is where I need help.


This is my winning streak. So I need help for just to change the number automatically from June 8 2022. I'm sure someone can give a hand with that. I hope my case did not hurt anyone's feeling.

Hi @Alain_Gaudet - welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Here's one way to do what you're asking:

{note: trim=right}
{days={time: DDD}-{time: DDD; at={=last}; pattern=MM/DD/YYYY}}
Last incident: {formdate: MM/DD/YYYY; name=last; default=06/08/2022}

{endnote: trim=right}

{=days} day{if: days <> 1}s{endif} since last incident ({time: MMMM Do YYYY; at={=last}; pattern=MM/DD/YYYY}).

Hope this helps!