Numbering dropdown list

Hi. I would like to create a dropdown menu with the result being a numbered list.
Example: Favorite fruits (apples, oranges, cherries, pears, limes, etc.).

2. pears
3. limes

Not in any particular order, but numbered output.

Thank you. I use Text Blaze every day doing Telemedicine.

Hey @Steven_Mishkind and welcome to the forum.
Here's one way to do it:

{note}{formmenu: apples; default=oranges; cherries; pears; limes; name=items; multiple=yes}{endnote}
{=join([index&" - "&v for (v,index) in items],"\n")}

Thank you. I will try it out. Steve

How do I hide the dropdown menu items?

What do you mean? The drop-down itself is inside a note command, which means that it shows up in the pop-up window but doesn't insert any text when the snippet is inserted.

Sorry, I did not put my test inside of a note command. Thank you very much for you help. Steve