Numbers and Word Breaks

Good day. I share a number of snippets with another member of my team. He likes to make his shortcuts as short as possible. So to avoid conflicting shortcuts, we set most of his to require a word break. This works fine for most of them. But he has some that use numbers. And this is where we run into issues. He has one that's triggered by /1 that requires a word break. And I have one that's triggered by /180 that doesn't require a word break. But it seems like whenever I type the 8, it thinks that's a word break and triggers the /1 snippet rendering my /180 trigger useless. Is this by design or is there a way to make this work? Thanks


I believe a number is treated as a word break for the purposes of snippet triggering. Maybe you can use a different start character fro your own personal snippets (e.g. ",180")?