Parsing CSV's and Manipulating Text

I've been trying to solve a problem for a while now that would be helpful if Text Blaze could do it. It would essentially require the ability to do some light manipulation on text and read from either a CSV or a pasted value. Here is what I need to do:

For a person with a name like John Smith that works at Bank of America with an email like and a password like V%42144*Tl288

make an account and automate the entry into a system based on tabs

jsmithboa{key:tab}<this is what I really need to make "j" & "smith" & "boa"{key:tab}

@Cedric_Debono whose worked on a similar problem.

You can use Text Blaze functions to split apart CSV files into their different fields and also to extract parts of a string to create other strings. Here are a list of available functions:

It sounds like you can do everything you need here with Text Blaze, but you'll need to be a bit more precise what your input data is and what the output formats are you want, if you would like more detailed advice.

Check out my snippets. I believe I posted something similar recently. I'm afk right now so can't find it myself. Lemme know

Basically what I do is, I dump the data into a spreadsheet, highlight the row, then use split on the clipboard to tell it which cell to pick.

I'm not sure how the syntax is from memory. @scott can you write it please?

Assuming you have a tab delaminated CSV row copied to your clipboard (which will likely be the default when you copy from any spreadsheet app), you could do something like the following

{column_A_value=split({clipboard}, "\t")[1]}
{column_B_value=split({clipboard}, "\t")[2]}
{column_C_value=split({clipboard}, "\t")[2]}

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