Paste image to Gmail message

Hey everyone!

I'm trying to take a screenshot and paste it into a new Gmail message but it doesn't get pasted. I tried the {clipboard} command and even tried a {key: ctrl-v} key press combination.

In fact, if I take the screenshot and then paste it directly into Gmail, it's fine. However, if I take the screenshot, and then use TextBlaze to compose a message, I can't even manually paste the screenshot anymore. I have to retake it.

Is there a way to take a screenshot and paste it into Gmail using TextBlaze?


You are correct, this behavior is not supported as of now. The {clipboard} command only supports rich text or plain text formats (no binary data like images). And, the extension cannot emulate the paste key combination.

Can you put the screenshot directly into your snippet, and then run the snippet? Can you give us some more information about your specific workflow - how you need to take a screenshot and then run the snippet - so that we can better assist you :slightly_smiling_face:

This was a related request that came up some time ago: Inserting Screenshots with {clipboard}

Unfortunately, I can't add the image to the snippet as I have to screenshot an incoming message and send it to someone. This means that the screenshot is always different.

Basically, we receive an e-mail with a request in our ticketing system (not in Gmail), I screenshot it and send it in a new Gmail message. It needs to be a screenshot and I can't send the message itself.

Are there any plans on supporting image pasting in the near future?

Thanks for explaining. You can add your use case to the linked feature request (Paste screenshots/images with the {clipboard} command). We don't support this feature right now, but we will brainstorm over it.

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