Permissions needed by the Randomize and Google command packs

I work for a company that uses the business version of the Text Blaze extension and there has been interest in enabling command packs. The main concern with this is the permissions needed to enable these. Our biggest hesitation is if any of these needs access to Google Workplace. Can anyone confirm if this access is require to enable these Command Packs?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Andrew,
None of the current command packs requires access to Google Workplace. The permissions specified in each command pack (see example below) require accessing the content of the specified website (only), and they do not require access to Google Workplace.

As an owner of your Text Blaze Business Organization, you can choose whether members and editors of the org can enable their own command packs or if administrators only can activate specific command packs for them and the entire organization.
Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 11.23.28 AM

You can read more about command packs here. Let us know what additional questions you have.