Potentially taking too long to fill out form (Typing Speed)?

I'm looking to use a snippet that works like a form when I'm retrieving data. Considering there are several data points to pull from different areas, it takes a minute to fill out everything. I believe I'm running into an issue where Text Blaze doesn't recognize/continue looking for my shortcut, even though I'm actively filling out the open window where the Text Blaze form opens. I've set the slowest Typing Speed to try and help with this, but it appears I'm still taking too long (if I've identified the correct issue). Does anyone have any solutions for filling out somewhat time-consuming shortcuts/forms?

Hi @Caleb_Sorrell,

I'm not sure I'm following your question 100%. Please email me on support@blaze.today with subject line: "attn: Cedric". I'd like to hop on a call with you so we can work it out together.

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I wanted to reply with the answer to this for others to potentially use. Cedric helped me realize that your cursor must be placed back by the snippet when you are ready to insert, which it wasn’t for me when I was jumping from page to page.

This would apply when navigating multiple tabs (within Salesforce in my case) to gather information for the snippet.

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