Pricing Difference

I want to use Text Blaze with 15 users, where only 2 members are capable of adding or removing the folders or snippets. what kind of pricing will be better for this kind of case?

cause the monthly $8 per user is kind of too much for users who just use the product few times a month.

any pricing idea?

Hi @Nishant_Basyal

We recommend the Business plan for teams of users.

That said, you can also implement sharing like this:

  1. All users (including admins) sign up to Pro on their own
    • Note that this will create one invoice per user, so it might be difficult to manage for you to manage 15 invoices. On the Business plan, you get centralised billing.
    • As your organization grows, you would want to create sub-teams of users, to make all the shared snippets easier to manage. You can do this on the Business plan.
  2. The two admin members can create folders (of snippets) and share those folders with all other users, with the Viewer permission. This way, the other users will not be able to edit the snippets, but will still be able to use them.
    • Note that this is limited to 25 shares per folder. To have more shares than that, you need to use the Business plan.
    • Connected snippets won't work when shared via Pro accounts. These are snippets that integrate with Data Blaze and external services/APIs.

Let me know if it works for you.

Thank you so much, just another question, can the user look at a registered credit card information after?

@Nishant_Basyal What kind of information are you looking for? The user can see the last four digits of their credit card in the billing section of their account page.

@Gaurang_Tandon I see, can the remaining information(other than last 4 digits) be seen?

@Nishant_Basyal What is the "remaining information" that you are looking for? We use Stripe as our payments provider.

As a test, you can upgrade one of your accounts to Pro, and check the information you receive, and then let me know what other information you'd like to see.