Recall of previous choice in a formmenu without using default

In a multi-user snippet, can my choice be remembered?

for example:

Proceduralist: {formmenu: name=dr_proceduralist; ;Dr GM; Dr AS; Dr AG; Dr AR; Dr SB; trim=left}

If I (Dr GM) login can I build in logic that it knows my choice or recalls it from previous usage?

Similarly if Dr AS logs in, will it remember their choice? and not effect the recall of my choice?

We have a business/enterprise account with many users of the same snippet.

Or is it simply easiest to duplicate snippets with each individual's details?


George Marinos

If I understand your question correctly, no it's not possible. The snippet basically "refreshes" every time it's inserted. It can't know what another user chose when inserting it. On top of that, I imagine that such a feature could cause privacy concerns.