Replace existing text with new text

Hi Text Blaze community,

I am trying to update an online form by replacing existing text with new text, then moving to the next text box and replacing that text.

The following snippet works:

{key: ctrl-a; mac=cmd-a} words

{key: tab}{key: tab}{key: ctrl-a; mac=cmd-a} words

BUT if I have any type of dynamic command in my snippet it doesn't delete the original text:

{key: ctrl-a; mac=cmd-a}{formtext: name=Words}

{key: tab}{key: tab}{key: ctrl-a; mac=cmd-a}words

Any idea what could be happening here?

Hey @Abby_Buccino ! My guess is that the form window closes slowly, so the Ctrl+A doesn't happen on the textbox, because of which the text is not cleared. So I have added a delay before the snippet starts like this:

{wait: delay=+3s}{key: ctrl-a; mac=cmd-a}{formtext: name=words}
{key: tab}{key: tab}{key: ctrl-a; mac=cmd-a}words

Let me know if this snippet works for you. If it does not work, please email on and we can have a quick call to debug this issue.



Hi Gaurang,

This helped! When I added it to my shorter test version it worked, but when I added it to my full length snippet it wasn't working. I tried a few other things, then restarted Chrome. That seemed to fix the bug.


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