Searching Data Blaze

I want to search a DataBlaze table.
From will get ICAO code (VIA formtext), (this is a unique key)
Select would return NAME.

It works, however, the data set is over 75,000 rows. Only searches the first several hundred rows.
Tried with LIMIT = 80000 and without LIMIT in the SELECT.
Is there another limit to searches?

ICAO: {formtext: name=icao}

{dbselect: SELECT name FROM World Airports WHERE ident = @icao LIMIT 80000; space=7gYWcz1kN4GysgT1nyYxcI; menu=no}
ICAO: {formtext: name=icao; formatter=icao -> upper(icao)}
NAME: {formtext: name=name; formatter=name -> proper(name)}

@Timothy_Treaster am I understanding correctly that even with the LIMIT 80000 it's still only searching some records from your Data Blaze table? As far as I know, the LIMIT setting on dbselect is the only limiting factor, and if you have that set to more rows than the table is, it should search all of them. I could see there potentially being slight latency with searching 75k rows, though.