Select a value on a dropdown form (using autopilot)

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to automate filling out a webform. I currently have this snippet:

{time: DD/MM/YY}
{repeat: 23}{key: uparrow}{endrepeat}

My goal here is to enter the date in one box, tab to the dropdown and have TB scroll to the correct value. I can do it on my keyboard in the webform (either tab to the dropdown and up to the values, or space/enter then up) but I can't get TB to move to the correct dropdown value.

Hope you can help!

Hi @Sophie_Green,

Are you using the "Enter" key to open the dropdown menu? If so, can you please try replacing it with the {click} command?

Let me know how that works.

Hi Cedric,

Thanks for your message! I've tried enter and click but sadly they don't seem to work with the form - hope you can help :slight_smile:

Hi @Sophie_Green,

Keystroke automation can be a bit tricky. In reality, Text Blaze is only emulating those keystrokes, which means they won't always work as intended, especially if the page you're trying it on has some sort of blocking feature that prevents it from working.

That said, I'm happy to jump on a call and try to help you find a way to make it work.

Please send me an email on with the subject line "ATTN: Cedric" so the team knows it's for me.

P.S. Alternatively, if a call is inconvenient, we can try resolving it via email. Whatever works for you :slight_smile: