September Development Update

:floppy_disk: AutoSave Indicator

Text Blaze uses AutoSave when editing snippets. This is great for reducing unnecessary clicks, but can be confusing for new users who may wonder whether or not their changes have been saved.

We've now added a new AutoSave notification at the top of the dashboard to provide feedback as you save a snippet.


Aa  Matching Shortcut Capitalization

Some users use Text Blaze for typo correction. For example, you can create a shortcut "thnks" and have it automatically replaced with "thanks".

Up until recently, though you would run into a hitch. Since Text Blaze's shortcuts are not case-sensitive, if you typed "Thnks" at the start of the sentence, it would be replaced with "thanks" all lowercase rather than "Thanks".

We've now added support to have your insertion match the shortcut's case. So if you use the shortcut at the start of a sentence it will be capitalized. You can see an example here:

:speech_balloon: Last Call for the Annual User Survey

Please fill out our annual user survey – this feedback will be used to improve Text Blaze! All questions are optional.

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As always...

If you have any questions feel free to post to our Question and Answer community forums. If you have anything you would love to see in Text Blaze, please suggest it in the Features Ideas section.


Sweet update Scott.