Shared snippet using data blaze not working

My colleague and I have the pro version of TB and have been sharing snippets for quite some time. I recently started using Data Blaze in snippets and wanted to share some of these with my colleague. We're both owners of the shared folder and we're both owners of the Data Blaze space where the tables live, but the snippet shortcuts do not trigger for my colleague. Should this work? She tried reloading the extension and clearing the browser cache, but still no dice. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I case it helps anyone else with the same question, it appears that snippets using data blaze cannot be shared unless you're on the Business or Enterprise versions of Text Blaze. If anyone figures out how this can be done, please share.

Hi @Bob_Charpentier , you are correct. This restriction for the "connected" features like dbselect, urlload, etc. is outlined in our documentation.

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