Shortcut trigger "playing up"

I have a shortcut trigger "/ov" but I am finding just typing "ov" fills in the text. For example when I want to type the word which has the opposite meaning to 'under' (literally cant do that word because I get this text fill ...." cv4 + OP
⨌ cv4 + ?3x DC?
⨌ cv4 + ?DC? + 2?pts (as per chart)"

Can someone help with this, please?

Actually, I have worked it out...I also had it as a snippett!

Hi @Peter_O_Dwyer - welcome to the forum.

This is probably caused by the trigger settings in your snippet folder.

Try the following please:

  1. In your Text Blaze Dashboard, click on the folder that contains your snippet
  2. Under "Snippets trigger" (right sidebar, below "Folder options"), click on the dropdown menu
  3. Choose "Started by Word Break"

You can see the steps in the screenshot below.

You'll probably find that your folder was set to "Anywhere".

You can read a more detailed explanation of how triggers work here:

Let me know if that helps.