Skip quick drop down and going directly to dashboard

Hi - I have too many snippets to find the new feature of the quick dropdown when I click on the icon and want the slight waste of time of opening the dashboard to stop. Is there a setting to turn off the quick drop down of frequently used snippets?


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Hi Jodi,

I would love to understand your use case some more.

The quick drop down allows you to search through all your snippets in addition to showing the frequently used one. Are you not able to find what you want using it?

I would like to know how to skip the little pop up window too.
It is useless for me. I want to go straight to my dashboard.
The pop-up just creates yet another step for me to get to what I want.

@aberylyman, thanks for the feedback! What are the common use cases where you are want to skip that popup and go to the dashboard.

I just told you.
Please do not blow off our request with this "common use cases" non-answer and respond with a real person.
The little popup window is useless and annoying.
Will you give us a way to turn it off and go directly to the dashboard or not?

@aberylyman, your post is in violation of our community guidelines Please review the guidelines and make sure to follow them in the future.

Going back to my original question, please provide specific use cases of where you need to skip the popup and go directly to the dashboard. Your original post did not list any.

An example of a use case would be something like, "I forget a snippet shortcut and need to go to the dashboard to look it up".

These are helpful to us as we can then figure out how to adjust the experience to make those use cases better if needed.