Snippet is not executing properly


I have a snippet which fills up online form from clipboard. Earlier this snippet was having fixed values (not taking from clipboard) and snippet's shortcut was something else (tdsp) but then I edited this snippet with clipboard command and changed snippet shortcut to tdspay).

However, when I am trying to execute /tdspay snippet, snippet gets triggered after tdsp which is no more in my dashboard.

Can someone please help? or do I need to write to TB support?

EDIT: I deleted this snippet but /tdsp snippet is still working there.
Please see below video.

Looks like a bug.

Hi @Pratik_Shah - I suspect the snippet is still in your cache memory. Please try reloading the extension. If that doesn't work, please uninstall and reinstall the extension and that will solve it.

As for your new shortcut, try putting it in a folder with trigger settings set to "starts and ends with wordbreak". With this setting, Text Blaze will only insert the snippet if the shortcut is started and ended by a wordbreak (e.g. space)

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Thank you. I restarted my laptop, it started working again. I also thought about cache memory but after I tried clearing it, it did not work.

Anyways, thank you for your help.

Thank you for this tip.