Snippet That Opens An Online Document

I have a snippet that creates a new Case in Salesforce, and fills in the Case Description field with a template of information the user is to fill out. One of the pieces of info is to write in a “Reason” for the customer opening the case. The list of reasons is in an Excel doc stored in SharePoint. Many times, the user forgets to write the “Reason” from the Excel list. I had an idea that I wonder if anyone has any insight on. Could there be a command within the Snippet code that creates the Case, that will open the Excel Doc at the same time the Salesforce Case is being created? My thought is that maybe the is will be a visual reminder to the user that they need to pick a Reason from the Excel list.

Maybe you could use the {error} command to validate the user's entries and stop them submitting if they haven't filled out the field?

More info is here:

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