Snippet To force Click on Update Button In Wordpress Backend

Hi there,

Is it possible to create a text blaze snippet to click on the Update button in Wordpress backend?
As a SEO, I tend to make a lot of tweaks to the content in my posts, and then I want to save time by quickly creating a snippet to push the update button.

Please see this dropbox link for what I mean:

Looking for suggestions if someone could help!

It's hard to tell exactly without looking at the window directly, but you can likely tab to the button with one or more {key:tab} (or {key: shift-tab}). And then activate it with either {key:enter} or {click}.

See here for more information:

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your suggestion! Don't think having multiple tab would help in this situation.
As the wordpress backend is filled up with buttons:

This is just an example of a draft-> See the Publish Button on the top right.

I wanted to automate clicking on that.

That looks pretty difficult. {key:tab} might be able to do it, but it's not a great solution.

One tip that may be helpful, you can specify a large number of tabs without a lot of typing and pasting using the {repeat} command like so:

{repeat: 10}{key:tab}{endrepeat}

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I use these on a number of snippets - they're great!