Sorting Team Folders

Hi team, can you improve the feature to organize team folders? In its current state it is quite literally impossible to sort alphabetically when you have 20 folders you wish to organize. I can click and drag folders, but I have absolutely no control on where I can place a team folder folder. The system is completely random.

I can drag the folder to the very bottom of the list and it is trying to insert it within the first 3-4 places, nowhere near where my cursor is placed. Trying to insert a folder somewhere in the center is impossible as no matter where you drag on the screen it is trying to place a folder in the first few spots or at the bottom of the list.

I thought maybe I could painstakingly try entering every folder in the last place in reverse alphabetical order to eventually get it there, but even this is impossible, as the layout of folders changes as you insert, so I hit a point where it is impossible to add any folder at the end of list so even with this method it can't be done.

In short, I had to give up on sorting these folders as the app simply will not allow this to be done due to these limitations. I tried both the desktop app and the web app and both have this same issue, so at this time there doesn't seem to exist any way to organize our team folders alphabetically.

Hi Jermiah,
Thanks for reporting the issue.
We will investigate this further and try to fix it. Will update you once this is done.

Thank you Vinod, I will eagerly await any updates on this :pray: