Specific text for toggle field

Not sure if this is already a feature but it would be nice to have it so there is an option for the "toggle field" button to have specific text options when off / on.

I'm a physician so a fair amount of my snippets are history for specific conditions where I need to check for things like red flags that are binary "yes" and "no" options I need to check off.

It would be nice to have a toggle button that changes from "no fever" to "+ fever". I know this is already possible with the "drop-down" field but it's a bit clunky.

Hi @Doc_Krieger Welcome to the forum.
In addition to drop-down fields, you can achieve that with a toggle and if/then statement. something like:

{formtoggle: name=fever; default=yes}+ fever{endformtoggle}{if: not fever}no fever{endif}


Thanks ! works great.