Split for each line

I have a long text field that I put name and email addresses on a new line for each person. I then use that field to propogate the to field in an email with autopilot. I need for it to loop through each line - right now it only grabs the first two people.

Can someone help me with this?
Example data:
Stephanie Bouldin - stephanie@bouldin.com
Gina Gershon - gina@gershon.com
Fred Flinestone - fred@flinestone.com

{if: len(roommates)>0}{=split(roommates, "-")[2]}{key: enter}{endif}

Hwy @Stephanie_Bouldin
Try this:

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Dan Dan - Dan is the Man

DANKE!!! :heart_eyes:

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Bitte :slight_smile: