Tab breaks - Intercom teammates tagging

Hi team! I as using this snippet to have an escalation template in a few short clicks, but the problem is that the snippet breaks often, so in order to tag every team member in one go, it takes few tries to get it right.

BID: {clipboard}
@geraldine{key: tab} @sarunas{key: tab} @Zy{key: tab} @arm{key: tab} @edgaras{key: tab}

On the first pitch, it tags only Geraldine, but others are not tagged, on the second go, it tags Geraldine and Sarunas but does not tag the rest. All in all, it takes 5 tries to tag all of them properly.

Would you have any solution?

P.S. I love this app!

Okay, it seems like the speed was the problem, so adding a wait time before the tab action was a success

So my only question now is, would there be an option to have a delay shorter then a second?

It's great talking to myself xD

Hi @Stefan_Pesic Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

You can copy and paste this into the snippet to have a shorter delay of 0.5 seconds: {wait: delay=0.5s}

This is how it will look in the snippet:

{wait: delay=0.5s}

We'll see if we can enable shorter delays in the UI. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thank you so much! Works like charm even at 0.2
Wish you an amazing week ahead! :smiley:

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@Stefan_Pesic - how's it going with the snippet?

I'd like to share something a bit more advanced with you, just to give you a feel for what's possible.

{note: trim=right}
{formmenu: name=tags; multiple=yes; geraldine; sarunas; Zy; arm; edgaras}

{endnote: trim=right}

{repeat: for tag in tags; trim=right}
@{=tag}{wait: delay=0.5s}{key: tab; trim=right}
{endrepeat: trim=right}

This snippet uses a multple-select dropdown menu so you can choose the handles you want to tag. Next, it uses the repeat command to insert @ followed by the handle, then the delay and the tab key. And it repeats this action for every handle you pick from the dropdown menu.

Let me know if anything is unclear and I'll be happy to explain :slight_smile:

@Stefan_Pesic A quick follow up on this, now you can input fractional time shifts from the UI: