"Tab" to next section

Does anyone have suggestions for how to "tab" to the next section in a document/sheet quickly?

For instance, I'm in Healthcare, and I would like to "tab", or in previous setting click "F2" (or whatever you want to call it), to go to the next asterisk section showed below. Is there a quick/efficient way via Text Blaze or anything else to "push a key" to move me to the next asterisk/blank section? Any help would be appreciated!

Pain reported as a ***.
Aggravating factors: ***
Easing factors: ***
Disturbed sleep: ***
Imaging/testing: ***
General health history/impact on current condition/co-morbidities: ***

It sounds like {key:tab} would do what you want.


Hi Kenal! Question - Is your document a .PDF form where you add text into pre-placed text boxes? Or, is it literally how you show it above where you need to replace the asterisks with data you manually type in? Depending on what you share, I may have an idea for you.


Kelan I use the tab key religiously. I have one string that has the tab key 5 times in a row. It's so fast and works flawlessly. So if you know how to insert the tab key command don't be afraid to use it several times in a row.

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I'm in healthcare too, but not much of a programmer. In the electronic medical records when you are entering pain, do your pre-filled answers look like this:

Pain reported as a Add Quality
Aggravating factors: Add Activity
Easing factors: Add Relief
Disturbed sleep: Add Sleep
Imaging/testing: Add Testing
General health history/impact on current condition/co-morbidities: Add History

If so, I have found the Replace command is helpful for commonly used entries. For quality, it might be this:


{=replace("Add Relief", "Add Relief", "Clinician instructed non-pharmacology interventions including ROM and reposition technique.")}

Depending on your EMR, many common required text inputs could be eliminated with the command: Replace

If the sections are blank and you have a common pattern, you may want consider making a bunch of "pre-done" sections which could look something like this (aftercare hip replacement):


dull and achy{key:tab}ambulation of 10 or more steps{key:tab}rest, reposition, and ROM{key:tab}patient denied disturbed sleep{key:tab}Imaging indicated progress WNL{key:tab}patient has confounding co-morbidities, but was WNL during this assessment.

In the event that you want to change one of the automatically filled-in answers, you can go back and manually change it --its much quicker to edit data than enter data!

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For REALLY "great" charting, you could even combine the Replace command with several pre-written texts (with one randomly chosen of the answers) so that in an audit your charts will not appear to be merely the same answers always copy-pasted.