Teams not showing snippets


Having some random issues with teams and snippet visibility. When users are in the team, the folders assigned to them seem to be showing in their folders correctly but snippets do not and are not activating. We then have to go back and add them individually to the folder to give them access. Thanks for any suggestions!

Running TextBlaze version 2.5.1

Hi Peter,

Sorry to hear about this issue. Let me recap it to make sure I understand it.

A user is in a team which includes Folder X. The user will see Folder X in the sidebar of the dashboard, but the snippets in Folder X won't activate for the user when they use them in the extension.

Is that correct? Is this a new issue? If so roughly when did it start?

Can you send me ( the email for a user who is currently affected by this issue and the name of the folder they are having an issue with? That will help us dig into it.

Thanks Scott! Compiling some info. I’ll send you an email.