Text Blaze Business Snippet Conflicts


I am excited to have found Text Blaze and think it will help my organization a lot. However, we would like to be able to create distinct folders that have snippets with the same shortcut for each user. The goal is for them to have a base set of the same snippets with the same shortcut so we are all on the same page but they can edit and modify as needed without interfering with others. What's the best way to do this? Would exporting from user to another user be the best way?

Hey @Jonathan_Ugalde ,
I am very happy you found Text Blaze and feel it is helpful.
I would like to step back before you create different snippets with same shortcut.
Have you tried exploring User properties and Forms?

This can help you to avoid duplicates between different members with similar snippet but with customization.
I would be happy to help you to understand more on these if you are interested.

Hello @VinodGubbala,

I appreciate the feedback. I started to look more into the User Properties and Forms after reading your message. The main challenge I have is that this is for a mental health counseling practice where we are trying to help our team have the use of an "interventions folder" but with the ability to add their own unique snippets without changing anything in the "interventions folder". Any thoughts or considerations of how you would go about this would be appreciated.

Hey @Jonathan_Ugalde ,
It will be very helpful if you can give me an example of the scenario so that we can help you better.
Please redact any personal or sensitive data from the example.

The best example is that we would like it to be possible for as many people as possible to be able to type for example "/challenge" so that "Therapist challenged Client's identified negative thoughts impacting their functioning." is then entered into the form. Right now, in order to accomplish this I was thinking the best way to do it was to have separate folders for everyone so they all have a base set of snippets but then they could add their own unique ones to their folder. However, when I tried making the separate folders in my account it came up with the shortcut conflict.

As I am thinking about it now, would the best solution be to share the folder and then create custom user property around viewing/editing?

Hi @Jonathan_Ugalde
Apologies for not understanding. Probably import works for you.
Can you email us at support@blaze.today and we can arrange a call to understand the use case and help you better.

Hi @Jonathan_Ugalde

Building upon what @VinodGubbala suggested, there are various ways to achieve what you're asking.

It would probably be more practical to explain over a video call. Please email us on support@blaze.today as per Vinod's suggestion, and in the subject line write "ATTN: Cedric" so that the team knows it's for me. Then we can set up a call at your convenience.

If it's not too much trouble, in your email please include the link to this thread and also your time zone to help make scheduling easier.

Looking forward to helping you and your team :slight_smile:

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