Time Date Offset 3 way Lookup

Struggling to get the 3-way lookup and use an offset for time re order after noon

Thank you for reaching out about your delivery and can we thank you for your purchase.
Please, allow us to explain the shipping process so you have a better understanding.
Any order that we receive before noon get processed that day.
If it is after noon, then it moves to the following business day (Mon to Fri are business days).

You order date was received by us at {formdate: HH:mm DD/MM/YYYY} we have one business day for process.
Please note the date provided by eBay is an approximate date.
The correct dispatch and delivery are per the products listings shipping tab.
Shipping is in business days as 95% of couriers do not work weekends.
The shipping days for this item as per the listing is {formmenu: 3; default=4; 5; 7; 8; 10; 14; 21; name=weekdays} business days.

So, you should expect to receive it on {time: ddd Do MMM YYYY; shift=+{=weekdays}D(skip=SAT,SUN)}, but you need to appreciate strike action has an impact on supply routes and couriers.
Hope this helps explain and clarify shipping on you order and thank you again.
As, soon as we dispatch the item(s) we will update your eBay purchase area with a tracking number.

You can use if command to conditionally add one more business day

Here is an example (it adds 1 to the result if hour is more than 15, equivalent of 3pm):

The order was placed on {formdate: HH:MM DD/MM/YYYY; name=date}

{hour={time: H; at={=date}; pattern=HH:MM DD/MM/YYYY}}
Hour: {=hour}

We need {=1+(1 if hour >= 15 else 0)} business day

We are 90% there but when i run it i never get an option to add the time.
I need to be able to add time and date hence why i asked if it needs splitting up ?

You can specify hours in a separate input like this:

{note: trim=yes}{formdate: DD/MM/YYYY; name=date}{formmenu: name=hour; values={=seq(0, 23)}}
{endnote}The order was placed on {time: HH:mm DD/MM/YYYY; at={={=hour} & " 0 " & {=date}}; pattern=H m DD/MM/YYYY}

We need {=1+(1 if hour >= 15 else 0)} business day

You can add minutes if you wish in similar fashion to hours.