Universal Error & Block Insertion

Is there a way to do a snippet-wide error and block entry if anything within it errors out? I know you can do it for individual variables, but I have a ton of them and it seems inefficient to write it for every single situation.

Sample Errors:
[Error - Cannot convert ""Error: Position 2 is not in the list "data" – it only has 1 items"" to a list.]
[Error - Item not found in the list.]

Any ideas?

@Kevin_Roberts Good question... the only way I can think of to address this would be to use an if statement to evaluate whether any of the variables are errors and then present a blocking error yourself. You'd have to name each individual variable, there's no universal option like you're asking about (though that's an awesome feature request idea).


{if: iserror(variable1) or iserror(variable2) or iserror(variable3)}{error: There was an error, try again; block=yes}{endif}

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Not the most ideal option, but thanks to write with AI, it was pretty easy to generate a master list of all the variables. Thanks!

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