Usage Stats When Importing Snippets

Hello Blazers!

I want to know how Usage stats calculations are affected when importing snippets into other snippets. Here is a crude example for the sake of easy math :wink:

Let's say I have 1 snippet on its own that saves 2 minutes of time, and another snippet on its own that saves 30 seconds of time. I want to import the 2nd snippet into the first snippet so my users have to only run 1 snippet. Would Text Blaze calculate this 1 snippet as now saving 2 minutes and 30 seconds? Or, does it only calculate the time saved for the snippet the user initially triggers?

At this snippet and individual user level, this is a very minor thing. However, the compound affect of scores of users over half a dozen teams would be astounding.

Thank you for any insight!

@Brad_Hedinger - Text Blaze calculates usage based on the number of characters inserted. If your snippet imports five other snippets each containing 100 characters for an aggregate of 500 characters, Text Blaze will consider that as having inserted 500 characters.

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