Use formdate with default as current date?

I'm trying to use the formdate function and want the default to be that current days date. But it keeps forcing me to choose a static date. Is there a way around this?

Also, when I did shiftdate it allowed me to use just month and date, but this formdate is insisting I include year. I don't wanna use years :joy: #firstworldproblems - Any way around this too?

Hi @Stephanie_Henry, If you don't set a default date it will default to today.
You can format the form field value using a date command. Try something like this:

{note}{formdate: YYYY-MM-DD; name=date}{endnote} {time: MMMM Do; at={=date}}

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Ha! IDK why I thought a default date was required LOL. Thanks for pointing that out.

Do you know how to get around it asking for year on formdate? I'm surprised it's required here but not on shiftdate.