Using Data Blaze for email campaign - updating when record is used

I've been using Text Blaze + Data Blaze for my post trade show emails. Typically, I'll have a list of 125-300 people that I work my way through sending emails. I'm trying to see if there's a better way of marking the database to show that I've already emailed them so they won't appear on the dropdown list.

For example:

  1. I would use the DB dropdown to pick the first person in the list - for example: "Adam".
    Once I use Adam in the snippet, it would add the date that I selected him to the table.
  2. Then, when I use the snippet the next time, Adam won't show up on top of the list - he would be at the bottom of the list.

Thanks for any help in making this happy and thanks for great products!

Hello @JGnTX - welcome back to the forum.
How about this:

Hey Dan! Thanks for taking a look.
If I'm tracking this correctly I would need to add a "contacted" field (easy to do).
Then is it updating the "contacted" field when I use the record or do I need to manually update the field?

Also, would the "Read from..." be at the beginning of my snippet and the "Update..." be at the end?

In the snippet I shared above the contacted field is automatically updated when the snippet is inserted using the "Update row" command.
Notice that the "Read from table" command filters for rows where this contacted field is not checked.
Where you place these commands in the snippet doesn't matter.