Using List to Set FormMenu Options

Hi All,

I'm trying to create a formmenu of numbers (let's say 0-10) and I would like the values in the list to be the options in the menu.

I attempted to do the following:
{ NumPad=seq(0,10) } { formmenu: name=SeatChange; {=replace({=substring(NumPad,2,{=len(NumPad)}-2)},",","; ")} }

and got an output of:

So the idea to split the list and replace the commas worked fine but the menu just saw it all as one string.

Any ideas how I can create such a menu?

Text Blaze has an undocumented and slightly experimental way to set {formmenu} options with a list. To use it, use the values setting:

{formmenu: values={=options}}

Thank you scott!
That's perfect