Using replace to change different strings?

For example, in the sentence, "All cats are mammals", I'd like to use replace to change it into "All lizards are reptiles"

I know how to change one string:

{string="All cats are mammals"}
{=replace(string, "cats", "lizards")}

But I don't know how to change multiple strings.

You can nest the replace() calls:

{string="All cats are mammals"}
{=replace(replace(string, "cats", "lizards"), "mammals", "reptiles")}

Got it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Any possibility this might be simplified in the future?

This is unlikely to be changed. Optimizing this specific use case probably wouldn't be worth the increase in the complexity of the function.

Ok, no worries :grinning:

I've created a "ready made" snippet for people who want to do it the easy way with formtext

This is the text you want to modify:
"{formtext: name=string; default=All cats are mammals}"

Replace "{formtext: name=string1old; default=cats}" with "{formtext: name=string1new; default=lizards}"


Replace "{formtext: name=string2old; default=mammals}" with "{formtext: name=string2new; default=reptiles}"

This is the modified text:
"{=replace(replace(string, string1old, string1new), string2old, string2new)}"