Using TextBlaze in WhatsApp

I am testing Textblaze to see if it will help save time for my team. We need to communicate with others through email, Facebook Messenger, text and WhatsApp Web. I can't seem to get the snippets to work on WhatsApp. Does anyone have any advice?

Hi @Nichole_Oswald - welcome to the forum!

Text Blaze shouldn't have any problem working in WhatsApp web (not mobile), as long as the extension is installed and you're signed into your Text Blaze account.

I'll need some more information in order to help you. Would you kindly email me on please?

Please put "ATTN: CEDRIC" in your subject line so the rest of the team knows it's for me.

I am sorry. I got it working. I was on WhatsApp desktop app. When I use WhatsApp Web it does work! This will be a game changer. Thank you!

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@Nichole_Oswald - great to hear :slight_smile:

Make sure you have a look around the forum. Loads of ideas that you can pick up and use for your own workflows. And of course, if you need help or ideas, feel free to ask anytime.