Why does my snippet say 'Example' and not work?

I can't figure out how to get my snippets to work outside of the Text Blaze dashboard. I've reloaded it, ensured it's installed and I can see the snipped when I click on the red fire icon, but they just say 'Example' under them. Can someone advise? Thanks!

Hi @Blair_Bolick and welcome! Glad to have you here. This should be a pretty easy fix. First though, are your snippets viewable when you right click in a field? Also, is your Chrome browser and the Text Blaze extension both updated? Chrome released an update yesterday. Forgive me if you already know how to check this, but if not, here’s the steps:

  1. Copy/paste the following link into your Chrome address bar. chrome://settings/help
  2. If an update is needed, it will do it automatically.
  3. If prompted to Relaunch, do it.
  4. Chrome is updated when you see this :arrow_down:

Hope this helps! If it doesn’t, let’s troubleshoot further.

Happy Blazing!

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