Why does Text Blaze not work in Chrome address field?

The Chrome address field works as a search box. But Text Blaze only works when you go to the google.com page, and click in the search input field in the middle of the page. If I just click on '+' to get a new tab, a search box opens up in the middle of the screen, but when I type in it, the characters go up to the address field and again Text Blaze doesn't work. I found a workaround by putting google.com into my bookmarks bar, which is always displayed at the top of my Chrome page. Now I can click on that, and then click in the Google search box displayed in the middle of the page, and there Text Blaze works. I wonder if there is any way to get Text Blaze to work directly in the address field, which is always there on top of the page?

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It does! Here's how to do it: