A bunch of them :)

  1. I'd like to be able to multi-select and batch operate (delete, duplicate, move etc)
  2. When I make duplicates, I'd rather the new ones show up as the same name and shortcuts with big conflict reminder - the reason I make duplicates is I want to make minor changes, and if I need to constantly delete "copy of" and "/copy" and then add what I want that's making it more complicated at least in naming and defeating my purpose of convenience, especially when I make a lot of duplicates.
  3. the trigger setting can be adjusted for all in setting
  4. can press delete to delete a snippet
  5. quick search put on the upper left whereas the add button on the lower left -- it's more aligned with my own habit because a lot of the other apps I use are designed like this, not sure about how others think
  6. "create folder" can be hidden behind "create new" button for cleaner interface, because the frequency of using them can be hugely different. I like how Onenote did it - when right click on "Add section" it then gives you the option to add section group, but otherwise it's just adding one piece.
  7. I want to be able to hide the "sharing" section if I'm just using it for myself

Hi @Ann_Xiao - welcome to the community :slight_smile:

That's some great feedback — all very valid points. I think some of the suggestions warrant an earlier implementation than other, but the decision of what, how and when is in @scott's hands.

That said, I've been a TB user for over a year and I can assure you Scott is always enthusiastic about feature ideas. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your contribution!

Hi @Cedric_Debono_Blaze, thank you for responding!

I just literally started using late last night after receiving a reco from a friend, and I was like, O,M,G, this is such a lifeline!!! Time is such a scarce resource in today's world and anything that can save me time is gold. I can't imagine how much time Text Blaze is going to save me over time.

I was so crazy about this product that I responded to Scott's welcome email to new users. And it was such a joyous surprise to get his response right away explaining things patiently. I used it more and had more to say. It was midnight already, so I decided to post here to avoid overwork our diligent founder! :rofl:

Anyways, kudos to all the great work you guys have done! Again this is such a helpful product! I will definitely spread the word. More people really need to know about it!!!

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Thanks for the additional comments Ann and all this great feedback!

To one of your points, bulk selection and managing snippets is something is definitely something we want to add in the future.

I know. I remember when I started using it a while ago. I tried the free version and I just upgraded to PRO within 30mins because I fell in love with it. And to this day, I use it extensively.

Also, if you're enthusiastic about it now, wait till you start discovering the more "arcane" functionalities! Stuff like clipboard, , if/else, extractregex, urlload and urlsend, and lots more. I promise you're gonna have so much fun with these :smiley:

Here's a playlist of tutorial videos we have. They should give you a primer of what's possible:

Tutorials Playlist

And one final thing. If you have something in mind, there's a very good chance Text Blaze can do it. The solution might not be immediately obvious, but there's a lot that Text Blaze can do beneath the surface functionality. So, if you want to try to do something with Text Blaze, post here in the forum — someone from the community will probably be able to come up with a solution, and Scott and I are always on the prowl for a challenge like that hehe.

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To give you an idea of the kind of time you'll be saving, here's my usage graph since I started using Text Blaze:

To put things into perspective:

240 hours divided by 40 hours (standard work week), that's six weeks of uninterrupted full-time work.

Yeah!! So glad to hear!! :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

The huge spikes in your chart in the first two months really gave me chuckles! U indeed fell in love with it :laughing: And the "arcanes" too - it's so fun, like democratizing coding, and such a silicon valley imprint too. Thank you for the pointers - I have my new toys now and I think I WILL have a lot of fun :smile: :star_struck:

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@Ann_Xiao - By any chance, do you also happen to be a Roam user?

No I have not heard of it. I googled a saw a "https://roamresearch.com/", is this the one you are talking about?

Yep, that's the one :slight_smile: