A.I. Command Pack for emails

I have been very impressed with the A.I. command pack. However, until now, I haven't really been able to use it for saving time.
In this video, I am pulling data from Data Blaze to use in my A.I. snippet.
My prompt that I am using is:

An email to a merchant partner with a {=size} empathy statement, from a Merchant Experience Partner at DoorDash (a Merchant Experience Partner is high level, white gloves, support). The Merchant's name is {=contactfirst}, the Merchant Experience Partner's name is Laren. The subject of the email is {=subject}.



That's interesting! I'm curious to know what tool you used to get tab-completions inside the formtext fields?

As for improving the AI output itself, it might help to prefix the prompt with a couple of examples. For example:

Given the following data about XXX and the extra information, write an email for the customer. Here are a few examples:

DATA: (whatever you get from Data Blaze)
EXTRA INFORMATION: (whatever you type in the formtext)
EMAIL: (a desirable email - you can skip the common footer)

<repeat this few more times>

DATA: ()

The token limit per AI call is around ~4000 tokens, which should be sufficient.

It might be more useful to make the examples in the prompt to be DoorDash specific, so that the AI understands the context in which its operating.

Hi Gaurang!

Funny, I did notice the tab completion, but I didn’t realize it was that out of the ordinary.
I use Microsoft Edge browser. The only thought that I have would be that they have added that capability. This could have something to do with AI also?
Oh and thanks for the tips!

Yup, now I found out that it is configurable in edge://settings/languages. Pretty cool!

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