Access Content When New Page Loads

This request is something my teams & users have asked for countless times since we started using Text Blaze.

After triggering a snippet, when a new page is loaded as a result of a snippet action, I want the ability to access site content in that new page via Autopilot using Regex and Selectors, so I can continue with process-vital functions via the snippe that was triggered, thereby saving the user from having to run additional snippets.

Use case: After a new case is created in Salesforce, the case is opened in a new Salesforce tab. It is at that point where I need to click on the Change Owner button, as well as access information on the tab that is only available after the case is created.

Interesting idea. Maybe the ability to "chain" snippets so one automatically runs after another would work?

I worry that things might get a littlehard to manage with this though. What do you think?

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I LOVE the idea of chaining. End result is the same.

This is going to be an exellent feature. does very much similar thing already. Would love to see some of the Automa's features in TextBlaze as well.

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I took a look at that product this morning and wow that's right on the money! The UI is great as well. I would also love to see those features in TB! I'd prefer not to introduce another product to all my users/teams at this time so I am in high-hopes that TB adopts this functionality in the foreseeable future!

Thanks Brad and Pratik for the feedback. We'll look into the "chaining snippets" idea and keep this thread posted with updates :steam_locomotive: Feel free to continue the discussion with additional suggestions/demos related to this feature request.

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Here’s a brief video of how we frequently need to run snippets in succession when it would be much more efficient to chain.

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