Accessing different domains in the same snippet (Gmail and Google Calendar issue)

I'm using a snippet with the Google Calendar sidebar of Gmail (on the right side of the Gmail interface) to add events to my calendar using data from the currently surfaced email. It's amazing! seems that because I start the snippet from a field in the calendar sidebar that my snippet is "contained" to the domain and I can't use a click selector (specifically in this case {click: selector=.T-I-KE} which is the name for the "compose" button in gmail) to access that button which is within the domain. Any advice for how to do this? I basically want to create an automatic confirmation email to my client when I schedule an event using that snippet.

Hi @Joe_P ,
Thanks for reaching out to us in community.

About {click} command, I regret to say it is not currently supported to click elements across other frames. But we definitely want to improve {click} command for these scenarios and planned to add this capability in future. But I do not have an ETA for this yet.
Please let me know if you need more information.

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Thanks @VinodGubbala at least I know that it's not possible to pull off for now. I look forward to the implementation in the future.