Account security

I have a question
How secure is it to have information inside Text blaze?
I ask this because I will handle information about specific processes of the company where I work.
Do you use the same security system as Gmail?
Is it possible to access a 2-step security verification?
I am interested in security in relation to a possible hacking attempt.

Hello @user721 and welcome to the forum.
You can read about our privacy policy here.
Text Blaze is very secure for two key reasons:

  1. Minimal information collection - snippets are reusable templates and therefore should not contain user or other sensitive information. When you insert the snippet, the content of the snippet or any information about the webpage is not collected (it never leaves your browser). For example, if your snippet contains placeholders (form fields), the text you type into these placeholders is never collected by Text Blaze.
  2. Strict data security policies - we follow strict security policy and adhere to data security standards. We are currently being audited for SOC 2 compliance and use a wide range of tools and providers to ensure data security.

If you'd like to discuss further, please reach out to us;