Add Snippet Area to the Chrome Extension Popop

Ok, I think this is something that others might find useful..

I use Linux , and sometimes Windows, and the Chrome Extension works fantastically well for 90% of my needs.

Occasionally I need to generate a snippet that I then paste into an non-Chrome window/program. eg a Bash Shell, Excel, Visual Code Studio.

Now what I currently do , is to load up Google Keep in a new chrome tab, do my Snippet and then copy/paste that to whatever external program I need to.

Now what would be really nice it to bypass that open tab/keep part. Here is my suggestion

On the Chrome Extension, when you click on it you get a nice little pop up.


Now, what would be really nice if there was a little text box there that allowed me to do my snippet.

Not sure if that's something that is not technically possible but would be a nice little timesaver.

eg a little mock up like this.


Hope that makes sense.

In addition, how about also on the Right Click menu popup, have a option that pops up a little box that allows you to put your snippet in , so that you can then copy/paste it elsewhere?

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Yes please :slight_smile:

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@AndyPage Thanks for the suggestion. So I see there are two suggestions here:

  1. A 'scrachpad' to use the Text Blaze Chrome extension to trigger snippets, so as to copy paste them into another app
  2. Parts:
    a. Putting this scratchpad into the extension popup.
    b. Putting this scratchpad into the right click menu.

Regarding point 1: I think this is a nice idea. It makes sense, not just for copying to desktop apps (in your case, Linux apps) but also to other webpages where the extension may not work directly.

For now, you can just keep open in a pinned tab on the top left of your browser. It has a rich textbox that you can use a scratchpad.

Regarding point 2a: It's not yet possible to insert form snippets into the popup. It might be possible, but, also from a UX perspective, the popup is bad because it disappears immediately when you click outside it (without warning). I understand it's a scratchpad, but users might prefer a bit more permanent scratchpad :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding point 2b: The right click menu is already too long and I think we need stronger incentives to add another default entry to it.

Alternatively, I have another suggestion 3: a Copy button directly in the Assistant/Chrome extension popup. This was briefly discussed here: Copy to clipboard from Dashboard? - #2 by scott. For form snippets, it could first open the form window, and then when you submit it, it would copy the result to clipboard instead of inserting it.
This suggestion is based on the fact that you don't intend to insert your snippet anyway. You just wish to copy and paste it elsewhere.

Curious to hear what you and other users think about this idea.

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Thanks @Gaurang_Tandon

  1. Yep, that's pretty much what I do or Google Keep which I use a lot. Basically as you mention, it's just some slightly quicker way to use a snippet when it's not actually going to be used in that screen/application etc

Maybe I might have missed this, but is there a "shortcut/hotkey" that could launch the Chrome Extension Popout?

  1. Yep, actually now you mention it I agree, it's probably not the best place even if it were possible.

  2. Yes, that also sounds like a good possibility. In fact that might even be better in that it will already then be in the Clipboard.

Head over to chrome://extensions/shortcuts to configure it :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool I'll think about it.

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Wow, I've been using Chrome since the first day it was released, and NEVER knew about that page.

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